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Indoor plants are considered an important aspect of a healthcare space, as they can aid in creating a relaxing, calm environment that aids the healing process. In this hub, you can:

  • Check out our range of images of beautiful plants in healthcare environments. 
  • Discover the impact indoor plants can have on patients and their friends and families.
  • Research shows indoor plants aid patient recovery in healthcare facilities. According to the University of Technology Sydney's "Indoor Plants Work" study: 

    • Indoor plants can give rehabilitation care patients a more positive outlook, aiding in their mental health. 
    • Hospital patients recovering from surgery require fewer pain-killers and other medications, and result in fewer complaints. 
    • Indoor plants can provide feelings of calm to patients. 

    Carefully designed spaces can create favourable impressions. Indoor plants can help you create a healing environment that reflects the highest-quality care and attention to detail of the services you provide. This is why modern hospital designs are incorporating vertical gardens and views of greenery that provide benefits to patients, caretakers and visitors. 

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