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Charlie is an impressive-looking beauty with massive, fan-like leaves that give him the nickname 'Elephant's Ears'. He's originally from the rainforests of South-East Asia, where his foliage acts as makeshift umbrellas in tropical downpours. He blew up as a house plant  in the 1950s, and still has that nostalgic, vintage vibe.

We love Charlie for his exotic look and tall, impressive foliage. Rumour has it that this magical plant is the main character in the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' fairytale - and while we can't confirm this fun fact, we've decided to fully embrace it.


Botanical name: Alocasia Amazonica

Nicknames: Amazonian Elephant's Ear; African Mask

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / indoor

Toxic?: Toxic to pets and people

Current height (including pot)40-50cm

Pro level: Medium

Nursery Pot Size: 17cm, repot every two-three years


Charlie prefers bright, indirect sunlight - try putting him just out of the way of a south-facing window. He won't be happy in direct sun, though, so make sure he's not baking in the rays.

Allow the top 2-3 inches of Charlie's soil to dry out before watering him again. We recommend giving him small but frequent amounts of water. Keep in mind, though, that Charlie is susceptible to root rot, so don't overdo it.

Try to make sure that Charlie doesn't sit too long in temperatures under 15 degrees he doesn't love the cold.

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