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About Harley

Harley is the athlete of the spindle tree family; unlike his cousins Emerald, Jake, and Jasper who prefer to sprawl out in garden beds, Harley is happiest when he's scaling rocks and climbing walls. He's prone to growth spurts, and can easily get up to 70 feet tall if you leave him unchecked. Because of this, this speedy climber makes a great choice for adding some green to an unsightly outdoor wall. He's pretty down to earth, too, and aside from occasional hair cuts, doesn't need much extra care.

His leaves are emerald green and silvery white, giving him that harlequin effect. In the winter, the silvery bits take on an almost blush tone (must be all that climbing putting colour in his cheeks) which gives way to tiny yellow flowers in spring.


Botanical name: Euonymus Fortunei 'Harlequin'

Nicknames: Euonymus Harlequin Wintercreeper

Plant type: Woody evergreen vine / Outdoor

Toxicity: Severly toxic if consumed

Current height (including pot): 20-40cm 40-60cm

Nursery pot: 17cm; 23cm

Pro level: Easy


The basics

Harley's pretty unfussy - just give him a prune with sharp, sanitised shears if he's looking unruly.

When you first plant him, give him plenty of water, but as he matures and starts growing, he won't need any extra water.

He prefers partial shade, but can also do fine in sun.

Leave at least 18 inches of space between him and other Harleys, as he'll definitely use the space!

Going the extra mile

Check his leaves for scale insects which like to invade Euonymus plants. These can become fatal for Harley, so if you see any treat him with an insecticide.

Harley is pretty adaptable to moving - once he's mature, you can transplant him to a new pot or spot in the garden if you so choose.

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