If you are looking for the best gardening tools that will be useful for your garden, this is a list of everything you might need this season for planting and caring for your vegetable beds, lawns, flowers, and shrubs.

The more convenient the tool, the more pleasure we get from the work we do. Check if you have everything for the upcoming season. 

If something is missing, you can buy it after reading this article. At the same time, here are some tips from a gardening expert.

Handheld Garden Tools

For the harvest to be good, the crops in the beds must be alternated. If the garden is small, divide the vegetables into three groups:

essential gardening tools
  • plant one bed with legumes (beans, peas);
  • the second – cabbage and leafy greens;
  • and the third – root vegetables (carrots, beets, onions).

What tools will be useful to do this:

Trenching Shovel Or Bayonet Shovel

Choose the most versatile trenching shovels. Suitable for any soil, even hard and clayey, easily cut small roots, you can even work with chopping movements. 

Digging up the ground, planting potatoes, loosening the soil around trees – a trenching shovel is suitable for everything.

Trenching Shovel

It is better to choose a trenching shovel with a wide and durable blade, a comfortable handle, and a full-length mount. 

You shouldn’t skimp on quality; it’s better to choose a reliable and durable tool for comfortable and efficient work.

Buy bayonet shovel

A trenching shovel is needed to dig up or loosen the soil.

Small Hand Trowel

The hand trowel is one of the best gardening tools and it is needed for flowers or other small gardening work – also one of the basic gardening tools. 

It’s useful to have 2-3 hand trowels, but what if all family members want to work in the garden at the same time? Well, such happiness can happen!

Hand Trowel

Choose a hand trowel with a wide blade, a comfortable handle, and a durable mount. The blade material should be durable and corrosion-resistant, such as stainless steel, and the hand trowel’s handle should be comfortable and non-slip, such as rubber coated.

Manual garden shovel

Also, a hand trowel is needed to loosen the soil in a small area.

Garden Rake

The garden rake is a multifunctional tool. Raking debris, loosening coarsely dug-up soil, breaking up small lumps – for all this, you need a garden rake.

Garden Rake

The number of teeth and their shape affect the format of use of your garden rake:

  • Garden rakes with fewer teeth are suitable for heavy work with large debris;
  • Garden rake with a large number of teeth – for small jobs, clearing leaves and light debris.

In any case, you need to take a garden rake with strong teeth and a comfortable handle made of durable and lightweight material, such as fiberglass.

Garden rake

A fan rake covers a larger area at a time.

Handheld Garden Hoe

Garden hoes are an indispensable tool for weeding gardens, as well as for loosening the soil. They are very convenient for loosening the soil around the plant to make it easier to fight weeds.

Garden Hoe

When choosing a garden hoe, pay attention to the form:

  • Garden hoe with a straight blade, suitable for wide surfaces: for preparing beds and weeding in places with a large distance between plants;
  • Garden hoe with a curved and pointed blade – for narrow and deep rows where you need to penetrate the depths, for example, when planting plants in a row or eliminating weeds between closely planted plants.
Hand hoe rakes

A handheld garden hoe will easily loosen the soil in the beds.

Garden Watering Tools

At different stages of plant growth, the need for watering changes. The highest is during the period of seed germination and the formation of greenery. 

You can water root crops, herbs, pumpkins, and coniferous plants from a watering can. If you want to water tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes at the roots, be careful not to let the water get on the leaves of the plants.

Plant Watering Can

Suitable for delicate, targeted watering of flower beds or young plants. At first, a simple watering can, but when choosing among the new special watering cans available in the market, you need to take into account many non-obvious nuances:

  • the material must be strong and durable – plastic or metal watering can;
  • the volume is selected according to the size of the plot – for a small garden a small watering can is suitable, and for a large plot you should choose a large watering can;
  • the presence of additional functions: regulation of water pressure and a set of nozzles for watering various types of plants.

For family gardening, it’s worth taking a small plastic watering can so that it weighs less. Both grandmother and child can handle this.

Plastic garden watering can

A watering can will allow you to precisely water the plants right at the root.

Irrigation Hose or Soaker Hose for Garden

Remember that plants suffer not only from a lack of moisture but also from its excess. Water displaces oxygen, the soil becomes compacted, and the root system dies.

When choosing a soaker hose or a specific irrigation hose, pay attention to the material so that it is strong and durable – PVC or rubber. 

The length is selected taking into account the size of the area so that it reaches all corners. The diameter affects the water pressure: it is ideal to take a thick soaker hose with a pistol nozzle to adjust the pressure.

An irrigation hose with a pistol nozzle allows you to flexibly control the water flow.

Hose with gun

Dive into the world of efficient gardening with our full checklist and guide on soaker hoses. Discover the key factors to consider before your purchase, ensuring a well-informed and successful watering solution for your garden.

Lawn Gardening Tools

The fastest way to get rid of weeds in your lawn is to treat it with a selective herbicide, which works best in the spring and early summer. 

Weeds that have grown between the tiles of garden paths can be removed using vinegar by spraying it onto the plants from a gardening sprayer. If bald spots appear on the lawn, loosen them, sow them with seeds of the same variety, and then sprinkle them with a mixture of peat and sand.

Garden and Lawn Sprayer

You can use a regular bottle with a nozzle. It’s better to have several of these so that you don’t have to throw out unused solutions or mixtures for different types of spraying. 

For more global work, you can consider purchasing a battery powered sprayer.

Select the spray type to suit your needs:

  • The shower creates a soft and even flow of water, which is suitable for watering young plants and seeds, as well as humidifying the air in dry climates.
  • Cone creates a cone-shaped stream of water that is suitable for watering flowers, ornamental shrubs, and other plants with shallow root systems.
  • The fan creates a wide and flat stream of water that covers a large area and is suitable for watering lawns, vegetable beds, and other large areas. 
  • Watering cans are used for watering branched trees and shrubs.
battery sprayer

With a battery powered sprayer, you can spray your entire garden quickly and easily.

The Best Lawn Mowers

This, of course, is not an essential item in the garden, but once you have a lawn, you need to choose the best lawn mower to take care of it.

For small lawns, an electric lawn mower weighing up to 20 kg is suitable, and for large lawns, you should consider self-propelled petrol lawn mowers with a cutting width of up to 50 cm. When choosing, evaluate the noise level and the comfort of the handles.

Inexpensive lawn mower to buy

The best lawn mowers will trim the lawn and give it a well-groomed appearance.

Tools for Shrubs and Trees

Summer-flowering shrubs can be pruned in early spring. Pruning stimulates the regrowth of side branches, and although it visually slows down the growth of the plant, next year the bushes will bloom more abundantly.

Hydrangeas, Rugosa roses, and Erica arborescens are pruned by one-third from the top. Small plants can be trimmed with small pruning shears or an electric trimmer, while larger plants can be trimmed with professional pruning shears.

The Best Pruning Shears

It’s also better to have several pruning shears, one for small branches, shoots, and flowers, and another larger one, bypass, for larger branches and roots.

Pruning shears are the essential best gardening tools but they should have comfortable handles and a blade lock for safe storage. The classic blade material is steel, but lighter ceramic models have recently become popular.


You need to have several pruning shears of different sizes on hand.

Garden Axe

Well, what about being outside without an axe? Even if you don’t plant a vegetable garden or grow garden trees, is it necessary to cut down an old branch? Is it necessary to chop wood for barbecue? In general, it’s impossible without an axe.

garden axe

For each type of task, it is worth taking the appropriate type of ax:

  1. Classic for cutting firewood and processing medium-sized trees.
  2. Chopper with a narrow blade – used for cutting wood into smaller pieces.
  3. A dagger ax with a long and narrow blade – for working with tree bark and for precision work.
  4. A heavy-bladed cleaver is used to cut down large trees.
  5. A hatchet is a small axe with a short handle, used for precision work, such as cutting branches or working wood.
Ax with fiberglass handle

When choosing an axe, evaluate its weight, handle length, and grip comfort.

Gardening Workwear

There is a lot of work in the garden, and most often it involves soil, water, and fertilizers. For the comfort of summer residents, a variety of protective means have been invented so that they do not get dirty when working with tools and plants.

Gardening Workwear

Gardening Shoes

It’s so cool that they came up with the idea of ​​making gardening shoes so light, comfortable, and easy to wear and wash. 

The main thing is to choose the right size of your gardening shoes, which do not press when worn, but will not fly off.

Gardening Shoes

Gardening shoes are not afraid of dirt and puddles.

Knee Pads for Gardening

To always have enough strength to improve the garden, you need to work with maximum comfort. Of course, for centuries “our grandmothers planted” without all these devices. But they also suffered from pain in their knees at night. 

Believe me, your joints will thank you for such shock absorption like the special knee pads for gardening.

Knee Pads for Gardening

The size of the knee pads should allow two knees to fit comfortably on it, and the thickness should sufficiently soften the load.

The knee pads for gardening should be made from a special material that must be durable and resistant to water and dirt. The best option is made of foam or other soft material that will not slip on the surface.

Gardening Gloves

the gardening gloves are usually purchased in packs. you will need them to take care of your hands, even if you go out into the garden for a short time.

For gardening, specially designed, breathable gloves are sold with nubby padding on the front to improve protection and grip on tools.

Work gloves

Gardening gloves will protect your hands from cuts, dirt, and fungal diseases.

Gardening Safety Glasses

They will come in handy when spraying fertilizers, and poisons for pests, while mowing the lawn, and just on a dusty, dry day.

High-quality glasses fit firmly on your face and do not slip or have gaps, but at the same time, they have good ventilation so that they do not fog up and do not interfere with your view.

Safety glasses

Gardening goggles will also protect your eyes when spraying chemicals.

Explore additional gardening workwear options with our guide: “Gardening Workwear Essentials – A Checklist Based on Expert Recommendations.

What Else Could Be Useful in The Garden?

When you already have all the necessary gardening tools, you can buy other useful tools to make life easier for you as a gardener – you can find them in any store.

Take a look at the set of tools for the garden, the purpose of which is clear by the name:

  • Root remover.
  • Chainsaw or hacksaw.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Garden drill.
  • Collapsible basket for garden waste.
  • Sickle.
  • Buckets.
  • Barrel for burning garbage.
  • Garden pegs and markers, materials for the garter.
  • Pitchfork.
  • Ash scoop.
  • Garden netting.


In the forthcoming articles, we are eager to provide you with comprehensive reviews and checklists, offering valuable insights and essential information before making a purchase for each of the tools mentioned above like Trenching Shovel, Hand Trowel, Garden Rake, Garden Hoe, and Watering Can… Stay tuned for expert guidance on acquiring the right tools for your gardening endeavors.